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More Sporkers!

(Figured I might as well have another post.)

Answer the Call, Send Help-verse sporkers

Harold Rutherford is... well, that's sort of secret, but you'll probably guess if you've seen him sporking. At the time of all sporkings so far, he's been with "Fisher"'s and Katherine's family for two years. He gets along quite poorly with Katherine, as he did the family a great favor at great cost to himself, and so believes he's earned the right to be taken care of by the family. Unfortunately, she agrees with him about that, but her defintion of "taken care of" differs from his by a good deal...
Katherine is a Muggleborn Slytherin, although she does her best to act like an arrogant Pureblood. She regards Rutherford as brash, reckless, stupid, socially inept, nearsighted, and a stereotypical Slytherin-hating Gryffindor. He regards her as overly cunning, vicious, arrogant, unpleasant, manipulative, and a stereotypical prejudiced Slytherin. They don't get along. At all. :P
“Fisher" is Katherine's husband, and really was born at the wrong time... He would have made an excellent Gryffindor soldier. His reaction to stressful situations (such as badfic) is "Who are we going to go after?" :P His mind is locked firmly in Gryffindor Hero mode... which Katherine finds endearing except in stressful situations. :P

Albus-and-Gellert Team

The teenage Albus Dumbledore is a charming, highly intelligent, somewhat pretentious young man who's utterly in love with Gellert Grindelwald and cheerfully supports the domination of Muggles. [No, he's not doing it just because he's all starry-eyed for Gellert - and it somewhat contributes to his love for Gellert that Gellert came up with it. Ahem. This was just a note for an author possessed of incredible brilliance who nevertheless seems to be dead-set on whitewashing Albus's character in her author's notes - I mean, interviews - despite how she actually wrote Albus and Gellert's characters. *coughs*] He tends to either justify or ignore anything that might suggest that Gellert isn't perfect (to the point where Gellert is used to Albus loudly humming some tune or other whenever he begins to mention something that Albus doesn't quite like. "And we, of course, could use the Resurrection Stone to bring back loyal soldiers, so that, even in death, they shall serve the Greater Good-" "What a beautiful day! I feel like humming a merry tune! Hmm-de-hmm-hmm-hmm-de-hmm-hmm..." "...Albus?" "Yes, Gellert?" "Are we going to figure out the logistics of this or -" "Hmm~~~ Dee-dee-dee..." "...Never mind.").
The teenage Gellert Grindelwald would like to inform all you Muggles that ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US [that is, him and Albus]. He's highly intelligent, cheerful (except when annoyed), Dark, nasty, talented, and self-confident (to say the least). He's also Albus Dumbledore's boyfriend and planned partner-in-world-domination. Ah, young love. (Unfortunately, exposure to canon has made him highly suspicious that Albus has a taste for Darkish sixteen-year-olds in general, and that Albus won't LUUUURVE him anymore once he hits seventeen. Ah... unintentional canon subtext. -_-;;)

More to be inserted when I feel like it- the thing is, I do more actual in-spork introductions of sporkers nowadays, so it would be redundant to put more in. Although I s'pose it might be a good idea to write longer profiles... :)

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