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(original time listed as October 13, 2007, 09:09) (time was edited so that I could FIND THE BLOODY THING XD) Currently collecting the posts from Deleterius... will continue spork soon. Chapter One: Part One Chapter One: Part Two Chapter One: Part Three Chapter One: Part Four Chapter One: Part Five Chapter One: Part Six Chapter One: Part Seven Chapter One: Part Eight (technically a direct continuation of Chapter One: Part Seven Chapter One: Part Nine Chapter One: Part Ten Chapter One: Part Eleven Chapter One: Part Twelve Chapter One: Part Thirteen Chapter One: Part Fourteen -End of Chapter One Chapter Two: Part One -Beginning of Chapter Two Chapter Two: Part Two Chapter Two: Part Three Chapter Two: Part Four Chapter Two: Part Five Chapter Two: Part Six Chapter Two: Part Seven Chapter Two: Part Eight Chapter Two: Part Nine Chapter Two: Part Ten Chapter Two: Part Eleven (Part 11b here) Chapter Two: Part Twelve Chapter Two: Part Twelve Chapter Two: Part Thirteen Chapter Two: Part Fourteen Read anew all the "joy" of seeing a child-molesting Snape bend a transvestite Harry to his will! :D *giggles insanely* Watch the many draconic rage-fits of Ninis! :D :D :D Also, here are the original sporks by the amazingly brave lookninjas                      ... Edited on 3/2/2013: As of the demise of Deleterius, all of the above links are irrelevant. I am very sorry to say that - it profoundly depresses me to think of all that's been lost. Fortunately, my sporks are all archived on my journal under the Little Miss Mary tag. Perhaps I'll update the appropriate posts so that you can go to individual parts - I haven't decided yet. Now that I'm older, I should organize my journal more, but... I have over 1,667 journal entries, over a third of which are likely sporkings, so you might understand if I'm a bit hesitant to go trudging through the backlog. Again, my apologies. ...I'm not happy to think about it, either...
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