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Balanced Blue Randomizer Nuzlocke: Retrospective

BIO L5-43 Pidgeot:
Had no idea it would stay alive to the end. I mean - a Pidgey! Even a Pidgey with Drill Peck! How good could that be?
While not exceptional, BIO stayed a solid Pokemon to the end, even in the face of crazy movepools and coverage moves of which it, with its Drill Peck/Fly/Mirror Move/Bite moveset, could only dream. I admit that it became a bit redundant once I got both FITZBLACK and CRITDEMON, but I appreciated its reliability.

BIO's name comes from "Biyomon". I named these Pokemon on a lark to simulate that Random Name Generator effect while still retaining my attachment to my Pokemon.
HORSEMAN L3-50 Blastoise:
When I caught this Pokemon on Route 2, I had no idea it would become the backbone of my lineup. I was annoyed, if anything, by its poor movepool.
But it started ramping up when it got Bubblebeam - and, of course, Surf always makes the Blastoise. With FODDER's (and then SURGEGUARD's) death, I had no other defense against Water-types, and so HORSEMAN got used... and used... and used... and used all the way up to four levels above the rest of the otherwise even team. I worried that it would come back to haunt me, but that saved me in the end. And I didn't even pad it out with TM moves!
Good show, buddy. You're proof positive of why Blastoise is one of the most powerful in-game starters - even when the game scarcely resembles itself. ;D

HORSEMAN's name is referring to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, since he was a WARtortle. ...Ahahaha, the frightening thing is that he actually lived up to his name in that sense.
STATUS L8-46 Nidoking:
My dear Mt. Moon catch, with Spore as a move and Nidoking as a prospective evolution, you could not have FAILED to be good.
And you lived up to my wildest dreams, regularly facing Pokemon 10-15 levels above you during the insane Elite Four run and soldiering through. I could not have imagined, with all my belief in your awesome power, that you could have done THAT. And yet you did. Even if you needed Max Potions aplenty to tank those three critical Bubbles. (In your defense, they DID come from a Zapdos 15 levels above you...)

STATUS's name comes from his carrying Spore, Toxic, and Poison Gas when he came on board. And Acid, which has a small chance of causing a lowered-Defense status. Dang, only in a randomizer will you ever see a Nidorino as a status jockey.
FITZBLACK L13-45 Charizard:
I must admit, I knew you'd be solid when I picked you up from the route between Cerulean City and the Day-Care Man, but I didn't realize you'd prove yourself quite so... effectively. Your high critical hit rating did lovely things for your Flamethrower mainstay at several points, and you could have obsoleted BIO if I'd so chosen. You may not have been QUITE as useful as HORSEMAN, but then again, only STATUS would have been as useful as HORSEMAN if I'd let him. XP

...And now for the deaths. :\

ROMHACK L5-13 Porygon:
I said the moment I got you that you were too good to last. You were. There was nothing I could have done about that Jolteon's critical Hi Jump Kick, but... still, I'm sorry.

Without you, I couldn't possibly have caught HORSEMAN, because I had a lot of Pokeballs but not THAT many, and STATUS likely would have been The One That Got Away. In other words - I owe my two best Pokemon to you. Pretty impressive, for a Route 22 creature that I didn't even think I'd catch.

Porygon is a computer-generated Pokemon. Guess why I named it ROMHACK. >_>

FODDER L3-L23 Voltorb:
I knew from the start you would likely die a valiant but stupid death. I'm sorry that your name turned out to be accurate. With your Thunderpunch (and then Thunderbolt), you proved far more useful than expected, but fell to a suicide pact with a member of your own deadly species. Rest well, my favorite mutant Pokeball.

You really have to ask where a name like "FODDER" came from? Really?

SURGEGUARD L20-24 Raichu:
You were a promising team member until you took a Hyper Beam to the face. I apologize to the entire Pikachu evolution line for that, and hope you rest in peace.

Since a Raichu grounds itself using its tail (according to its Pokedex entry), I thought of surge protectors, so... SURGEGUARD. *shrugs*

AVENGER L5-44 Marowak:
I wondered what the randomizer would give me from the Magikarp salesman, and my heart leapt when I saw YOU show up. I mean, a MAROWAK? At level FIVE? With a good moveset?! What more could I have wanted?!

You served me beautifully against countless Electric-types, Poison-types, Fire-types, Rock-types, weak Normal-types... The list goes on. As a bonus, you gave me a chance to use a Marowak, which I dearly appreciated. I'd have taken you to the end... but I did not anticipate that Turn 1 Explosion.

You had the second-highest Defense of the entire party - and heaven knows I would NOT have sent HORSEMAN out against a L60 Raichu. No one could have survived it, in other words. You died in the service of the team, and I appreciate that. Thank you for impressing upon me that Marowaks are definitely worth using.

AVENGER was so named because the Cubone line is all about the dead mothers. I actually did think there was something in the Pokedex entries about avenging the dead, but... eh, must have got it mixed up with the Marowak ghost at Pokemon Tower. (Which I actually ran into twice[!] due to a bug - for some reason, the square on the floor below the Marowak encounter also got designated as a Marowak-encounter square, and went through the full script there as well as up at the top. I'm as baffled as you are - perhaps the randomizer accidentally duplicated it?)

CRITDEMON L20-46 Alakazam:

Like FODDER, you could only be killed off by something of your own species. You fought well, my demonically-statted friend. I've wanted to seriously use an Alakazam since Syaoran's repeatedly-near-disastrous encounters with the species, and you proved why Nintendo desperately needed to add Dark-types and Steel-types in Gen II.

I never guessed I would get a core lineup member, much less one who did so well (wiped out many Elite Four Pokemon, didn't you, buddy?), so late - but when you popped up in the Cycling Road grass, I HAD to have you.

Ave atque vale, CRITDEMON.

(CRITDEMON was my term for Alakazams after struggling through fights with Sabrina and Rival in the Syaoran Pokemon Blue run. It was completely accurate... *sniff* In fact, I'm not sure the Double-Edge that killed CRITDEMON wasn't a critical... Poor, dear CRITDEMON...)
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