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(Tenative) Rocketlocke Hard Mode rules:

[These are first-gen rules only.]

1. A Rocket's gotta get in and out. You can only dawdle around enough to catch the first you see in an area, then skedaddle.
2. Ya gotta know who your subordinates are! Nickname all Pokemon.
3. It's a hard-knock life! Any Pokemon that faints is dead to ya.
4. Ya gotta hold up yer Rocket pride! Only the following evolutionary lines may be used:
RB: Sandshrew, Rattata, Zubat, Ekans, Machop, Drowsee, Grimer, Koffing, Cubone
Y: Meowth may also be used.
5. PROMOTION CLAUSE: (RBY) Upon any defeat of Giovanni, he promotes you. The evolutionary lines he used in that battle are unlocked.
First Battle: Onix and Rhyhorn unlocked. Kangashkan unlocked for RB ONLY.
Second Battle: Nidoran lines unlocked.
Gym Leader Battle: Diglett line unlocked.
6.  EXTENDED PROMOTION CLAUSE: Ya ain't a true Grunt unless you stick to yer proper ranks. No Pokemon may be evolved until its evolution has been fought.
(Machoke may be evolved to Machamp after the Fighting Dojo has been ransacked and its secrets seized.
If Cubone is obtained, it may be evolved after Marowak's ghost has been neutralized.)
7. (OPTIONAL) ABSOLUTE PROMOTION CLAUSE: Don't use Pokemon ya ain't got permission to use! No Pokemon except yer trusty Rattata may be used until you've fought a Grunt with that Pokemon.

[GSC modifications]

5. PROMOTION CLAUSE: Giovanni's been replaced by the Executives. Unlock lines accordingly.
(Yes, this does mean that Onix, Rhyhorn, Nidoran, Kangashkan, and Diglett are no longer allowed.)
6. EXTENDED PROMOTION CLAUSE: Unchanged, except that Machoke may be evolved after defeating Chuck. Cubone may be evolved after defeating Morty if obtained at Goldenrod's Game Corner in Crystal, and otherwise after defeating Brock. As Cubone is a legitimate line, it does not fall under the prior post's GAME CORNER CLAUSE.
7. (OPTIONAL) ABSOLUTE PROMOTION CLAUSE: Strictly speaking, this disallows you from using Sandshrew and Machop.

[RSE modifications]

As Team Rocket is officially toast, you'll have to do something else. Suggested modification:

With the Admins having given up the ghost, your branch has done its best to bled in with the locals. However, as you progress, you can be more open about your true allegiance.
4. HOENN CLAUSE: You're officially a member of Team... Whichever One Ain't Makin' A Nuisance Of Itself. Only the following evolutionary lines may be used:
Ruby: Poochyena, Zubat, Carvahna
Sapphire: Poochyena, Zubat, Numel
Emerald: Poochyena, Zubat, Carvahna, and Numel may be used, AND the Baltoy and Wailmer lines.
5. PROMOTION CLAUSE: After the first fight with each Aqua/Magma Admin, you may unlock the first Pokemon in a Kanto evolutionary line. The second is unlocked with the rematch. (Machamp cannot be unlocked. Period.)
6 + 7. EXTENDED PROMOTION CLAUSE + ABSOLUTE PROMOTION CLAUSE: Ya ain't a true Grunt unless you stick to yer proper ranks. No Pokemon may be evolved until its evolution has been fought. Except, since yer on the other team:
Unlock Numel (/unlock its evolution) after fighting Carvahna (/after fighting its evolution). Unlock Carvahna (/unlock its evolution) after fighting Numel (/after fighting its evolution).

For Emerald:
Unlock Wailmer after fighting Baltoy. Unlock Baltoy after fighting Wailmer.

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