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Nuzlocke statuses:

-Most of current plot updated for Poisoned Haven. Due to Gen 1's lack of coverage, I think I now have my endgame team... plus or minus tomfoolery with anti-Psychic testing. (I could switch out Arbok for Tentacruel eventually, for instance.) Basically that run centers around killing Silph Co. Alakazam, Saffron Gym Alakazam, Route 22 Alakazam, and Champion Alakazam with no casualities. Who thought it would be funny to put FOUR Alakazam fights in the game?!
-STOP! THIEF! will be updated as soon as I play through the the update. I'll be doing Teamlocke ruleset now (fixed team until causalities).
-Silver Randomlocke is awaiting the fooling around with savestates. I haven't felt motivated, to be honest.

On the bright side, I finally am rested up enough that I feel like working again. Ugh. Not a morning person, this one...

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Tags: challenge: nuzlocke
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