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HalfLight, darn you, I'm supposed to be doing homework. Instead, I'm doing this, and I have only you to blame. *shakes finger* ...And my own laziness...

Mary-Sue classifications

S. Insertus/Inserta
P. Matus/Mata (Perfect Mate)

Can anyone think of other types of Stus/Sues? (Yes, I am separating out the genders, because Stus and Sues are often very different. Sues are annoying bitches. Stus are just fucking creepy. *mumbles* Gender roles... sparklyness and getting cute guys and being popular... as opposed to psychotic killing, having a harem of sex slaves, and crushing everyone underfoot... Usually quite easy to distinguish male Sue-writers from female Sue-writers by the exaggerated gender stereotypes along...)

S. Inserta/Insertus - Most Sues, many really fucking creepy psychotic!dark!Stus
P. Matus - Often Draco Malfoy, WHY HALO THAR KuroxSaku!Kurogane!

Universus Alter

(AU, copied exactly from canon but with crap shoved in randomly, "after the series")
Universus Alter - LIEK OMG HARRY WAS RAISED BY FAI D. FLOURITE INSTEAD OF THE DURSLEYS HOW STRONG WILL HE BE?!  (Actually... gadDAMN it. That actually sounds cool. *wards off Wrackspurts - the Sue equivalent of plot bunnies*)
Plagaristia - Harry Potter and the Phoenix Child, Rosey Potter herself, Cori Falls
Postus - HAHAHAHA HERMIONE ABANDONED HER STOOPID HUSBAND AND HER RETARDED WEASLEY SPAWN TO RUN OFF WITH DRACO AFTER THE EPILOGUE LOLOLOL (I have seen "retarded Weasley spawn". Stupid Draco fanbrats. Takes a retard to know a retard.)

Canonrapus/canonrapa (however, in this rare exception, the male version is far more common than the female)

Canonrapus - OMG Fai is straight!111!! Really! And he loves a Mary-Sue! Did I mention he's straight?! ...All right, that one was mean...
for each other! OMG RON ISA ST00IPD REATRD WEASELY HOE!!!!1 HE CNA'T EEVN SPELE RITE!!!! And Harry LURVES Hermione and they are PERFECTAND GINNY IS AN EVIL SLUTWHORE!11! ...Well, that IS what they look like... But there are really too many to give specific examples. Oh, all right. Rosey Potter. And super-romantic!James and weepy!Jessie from Cori Falls' fanfics.
Tootsitrampa - Go to and look in the LOTR section. You want the Sue who literally scored EVERY non-Hobbit non-Denethor non-Nazgul male in LOTR. Legolas, Boromir, Aragorn, Faramir... D8 I think she might even have grabbed Haldir.
Bitchiwitcha - Although she's a parody/troll, the classic example is Ebony Raven Dark'ness Dementia Way from My Immortal. In general, look for the goth makeup.
SPARKLYPOOI!!! - Fairy by Samus-sama is a particularly good example of a male one... These seem to have been going extinct in favor of the Bitchiwitchae and Tootsitrampae. 'Tis a pity - these are simply annoying, instead of a sign of moral decay in fandom and thus in general teenage culture and {snip! Lots of moralistic blithering by Guardian's Song. Draco Trilogy was not good for her. Anything that allows her a chance to rant is bad.} ROY! You are only out of Tootsitramp because I rebooted you a few times! I wasn't aware he had ever left. GRRRR... I'll- OhhiElbe! ?
Quartus - All four of the Classic Houses. See Fai D. Flourite after he got his eyeball ripped out and eaten joking, joking... but theoretically, a member of this class would be a canon character whose personality made a 180-degree turn from all prior characterization, and, somewhere along the way, was sparkly, angsty or bitchy, and did his or her best to score a member of the opposite sex (or same sex). Sparklyness and angstiness need not occur at the same time. Of course, this can be made into a 3D character. Unless you're CLAMP, try not to attempt it. Examples include Fleur Delacour in the Draco Trilogy and, of course, Rose Potter.

Tripli are more common - examples include Harry from Little Miss Mary, and Mr. Angsty-Golden-eyed-Sluttyboy Teegan Gylden, who is owned by Meyshi, please go away and stop bothering us. (Teegan would been a Quartus if he was once a canon character. Pity.)

Awwwwww-right. Those are the important bits.
 Now, we go into details.

The Classes gives the canon author, if multiple works are applicable. Otherwise, it just gives the series.
(Order disappeared due to HalfLight not having it. :P)
Family gives the fandom. If the author only has one major work (such as HP or LOTR) it specifies Canonverse versus Movieverse, or Mangaverse versus Animeverse.
Genus gives the name of the canonraped character, if applicable, or general genre (ex: Filia Voldemortis, erm... Filia-Filiae Dumbledoris, Filia Severi, and so on) if not canonrape. However, the genus "Draco" is usually written as "Draco Leatherpantsonis", for reasons of Cassandra Claire.
Species names the Suethor/Stuthor.

And ta-da, we have an OFFICIAL classification.
(S'pose we could move family to order, etc. if the author has MULTIPLE Sues/Stus, and so each one must be named individually...)
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