guardians_song (guardians_song) wrote,

*in a bad mood*

*IRL rant*

Oh, as if you're one to preach to me about deadline issues. I cannot believe you still snarl at me with a straight face. I'll take you a LOT more seriously if you can ever finish up your own fucking commitments.

I want to keep to my commitments for my ass is on the line reasons. My capacity to take your nagging seriously has been eroded over the years until I wonder how you cannot see why I MIGHT not take you as seriously as you'd like.

Also, get over your fantasies about knowing how to do things so much better than the people who actually have experience with those things just because, a decade or two ago, you might have had experience with vaguely similar things.

If you're not given the ~respect~ you'd like, perhaps you should consider the influence your own behavior has upon that. I may be an immature, "arrogant" brat in your eyes, but I at least understand that, if people think ill of me, it's because of my BEHAVIOR and not because of [insert persecution fantasy here]. And even if it WAS because of [insert persecution fantasy here], it would STILL be because my behavior didn't fit the mold [insert fantasy persecutors here] wanted, and it would be my choice not to conform to that.

If I manage to get through everything I need to do and (eventually) become a successful adult, it will NOT be because you're my role model. It will be because I rejected you as a role model.

*IRL rant over*

Ehem. Anyway.

XKCD would like you to remember Douglas Engelbart.
Oh, and tell people who nag you about being too bookish that childhood and adulthood cognitive activity staves off Alzheimer's
Stocks jump 1% as the federal government reports the labor market is gaining strength
Scientists create a human-liver-like structure from stem cells

Today, I'm... working. Yep, working.
It helps that the internet is updating at a freakishly low rate this summer. Maybe it's just my perceptions, but I thought fandom tended to get flooded with activity when school let out. ...*shrug* At any rate, surfing's become tedious, and I have better things to do. Like work.

On FE: Awakening, I managed to discover that it is possible to keep Anna from getting wiped out on Paralogue 2 - you really need to get Cordelia first, however, so you can ferry two overpowered units over to that side of the river. Didn't manage to Talk to her, alas, but Talking in that chapter doesn't give any benefit. It's just for bragging rights. (And it may be trivial on Normal - just checked a FAQ, and apparently a chunk of the enemies only appear on Hard [and then a chunk more on Lunatic, but I am NOT going to attempt that].)

Sorry that I don't have much to talk about. Life isn't too exciting, and I haven't been feeling very inspired recently. I'm also judging time-intervals poorly, and I'm not sure why.
...I'll go get out the caffeine products. They cure anything. *slurps*
This entry is mirrored at Comment wherever you like. Just remind me to get off the internet and do my homework.
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