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Note: surfing Tumblr with a Image Block/Unblock addon sort of ruins the point of the site...

But dang, it does load much faster. *whistles*

(To be frank, the entire Internet gets much less 'noisy' with this add-on turned on. I may go back on this, but I'll say right now that I might leave this turned on much more often. There's still the 'look at me!' from text formatting-and-colors, but it's not of the same magnitude.)

...Honestly, I don't know if this is just the usual joys-of-organization or if I genuinely have a visual attention problem. Of course, the entire human race is distributed across an attention-span spectrum, so the distinction may be meaningless.
...The strangest thing is that I used to be one of those people who are really loud about "CLUTTER=GOOD" and "CHAOS DOESN'T AFFECT ME". So I'm baffled as to the cause - perhaps it's a byproduct of my brain maturing and being less able to take random interference? *shrug*


On the fandom side, I'm up to the Mad King Gangrel chapter of my third run. I've been having a bit of fun with the Bonus Box options (having FINALLY taken advantage of wireless when I had it), so Cordelia is promoted and Elberta!Avatar has Ignis. :B Also, I have ghostly copies of Matthew, Eirika, and Florina floating around in my party. Hooray for transdimensional nonsense! :D

Note: the items gained from saving more than one villager on Paralogue 3 aren't worth it, so there's no need to really bother. It's just for bragging rights. (In case you're wondering, I managed it by having Florina ferry over... Frederick? Something like that... to the other side of the river and using my three Peg. Knights to steamroll everything. Hooray for flyers!)

I have Cordelia/Lon'Qu, Chrom/Elberta, Sully/Stahl, and Donnel/Nowi locked in, so I'll have five excellent child units in waiting once I get to the point where I can unlock them. What do I need the rest of my army for, again? Ah, right - lockpicking. Well, that's why Anna's in the game, i figure.

Unusually, I'm using Kellam, Panne, Maribelle, and Ricken as main-line units this time. (Yes, I used Ricken last time, but he was secondary to Miriel.)

...And I just had to restart Mad King Gangrel, due to completely forgetting the victory conditions. Er, nevermind. Would you believe I didn't remember that it was 'Defeat ALL units' rather than 'Defeat commander'? Not that it mattered, since I walloped it in 5 turns on the second try, but... still, embarrassing.

So, yeah. Two chapters until I get Ignis!Lucina, and several more until I get Galeforce!Severa. (Kjelle may be obtained at any time, since Sully and Stahl don't pass down any make-or-break skills. Nah COULD be obtained at any time, but... Oh gad, those enemy units... D8)

This entry is mirrored at Comment wherever you like. Just remind me to get off the internet and do my homework.
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