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Considering doing vanilla Pokemon Red Nuzlocke with the following condition:

I may not use any Pokemon I seriously used during the Pokemon Blue Nuzlocke or the No-Marts Pokemon Red Nuzlocke. To make this slightly less painful, said Pokemon also count for Dupes Clause.

What does this mean? I MAY NOT use the following evolution lines:
Squirtle, Charmander, Rattata, Nidoran-Female, Caterpie, Spearow, Magikarp, Geodude, Bellsprout/Oddish, Diglett, Drowsee, or Lapras.

I may accept Lapras without releasing it, but it's staying in a Box (officially: 'being released into peaceful custody of Cerulean Gym, who will provide food, safe waters, and a mate').
Being denied usage of some of my best Pokemon will spice up the run, I think. (I am already shuddering at the implications of a Poison-type starter and no Gyarados or Hypno to protect me from Alakazams. Either I'm going to be recording several deaths, or the LACK of Fearow/Dugtrio/Raticate Glass Cannons is actually going to help my team a lot. I have no idea, but I suspect it will really be one or the other.)

A confession: As you may notice from the lack of Pidgey, I'm not ordinarily counting Pokemon that I 'used' but stopped using partway through the run. (Though Nidoran-Female does count, as I seriously did plan to use Queen Aria before Ambassador proved to be an absolutely incredible Ground-type Glass Cannon.) So why am I dismissing Bellsprout/Oddish?

Because I'm secretly hoping to cheese my way to an Abra via Dupes Clause. It's easily possible that I'll be foiled by an encounter I miscalculated, and I will LIKELY be cheesed by a Teleport, but... I have hopes, okay?  Though I might screw up and get it killed even if I catch it... >_>

By the way, I have some evidence that the old tip to Paralyze Abra before you catch it is bullshit.

A Pokemon has a 25% chance of not moving once Paralyzed. What does that mean? Why, it means that Abra has a 75% chance to escape after you use a Paralyzing move.
Contrast that with its chance of being caught with a single PokeBall - 27%, according to Dragonfly Cave. Abra has a 73% chance to escape from that - so even if Abra was guaranteed to be caught after being Paralyzed, just throwing the PokeBall and praying is better.
But wait, it's not a 100% chance. It's a 32% chance of capture. Well... but isn't that better than 27%? No, because you have to survive the first turn. So it's 32% of 25%, which is approximately 8%. And your chance that, if you miss, it stays and you catch it on the next turn is 32% (catch chance) of 25% (paralysis chance) of 68% (initial miss chance)... of 25% (original paralysis chance). That comes out to about 1%, and it just keeps dropping - so we'll be charitable and say that the total chance over all turns is 10%.

Your chance of catching it with a Ball and a prayer is better than your chance of catching it with Paralysis.

Now, there is ONE status that actually helps your chance of catching Abra - SLEEP. That said, what Pokemon do you think actually LEARN Sleep Powder that early on?

Butterfree. And Oddish. And Bellsprout.

I'm disqualifying myself from using Butterfree, though, with a Speed stat of 70, it has a chance of outspeeding Speed 90 Abra if I overleveled it. Meanwhile, even if I hadn't disqualified them, Vileplume and Victreebel have speed stats of... 50 and 70, respectively. That's great, except that Leaf Stones come at Celadon, and Weepinbell has a speed stat of 55.

Hypnosis? Need a Good Rod for Poliwag, Drowsee is disqualified, and Gastly doesn't show up until Lavender.

Spore? You mean, that move Paras learns at L25?

So, basically, my best way of catching Abra is to hurl the ball and pray for the best. I know that's repetitive, but I figure I might as well repeat it for the benefit of any players who want to catch the beastly little being. (And that holds for non-Nuzlockes, too. Even if you have infinite chances to catch, it still takes a while to FIND the creature, and it wears on the attention span, I'm sure.)

...So I have a 68% chance that, even if I can cheese my way into an Abra encounter with Dupes Clause, I won't be able to catch it. *shrugs* That's a Nuzlocke for you! (And besides, a Psychic isn't an instant-win button ANYWAY...)

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