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Also, I am going to do that Pokemon Red Nuzlocke.

A section of the plot is going to be based on Der Erlkonig, so advance warning for disturbing content. ...I'll do the actual warnings when that section comes up, don't worry.

Anyway, since I already did my Let's Play of Pokemon Blue with all the appropriate screenshots and in-game dialogue, this is going to be in the style of the Storylocke runs in which the author sometimes just includes the screenshots necessary to have the readers understand where the actual run is in the game and writes their own ''dialogue'', so that they can give certain characters any take on their personalities that they wish. Just noting that ahead of time so you don't get thrown.

Anything else I should be noting? Well, I can't think of anything peculiar aside from that and the pre-run Dupes Clause. This is more procrastination for my Pokemon Yellow run than anything else, because... eh, I'm not feeling that enthusiastic about the 'totalitarian government' take any more. That, and I accidentally burned myself out on the countless Randomizer runs (which turn hideously unbalanced the moment you get something good - Teraconic the Ground/Ghost Snorlax with massive base Special, I'm looking at you), so I'm looking for something a tad more 'typical' to get me back into the swing of things. I also think I need to do a story run to renew my enthusiasm for Nuzlockes, because I just didn't connect to the Pokemon when I didn't have a plot attached, and ended up with several stupid deaths as a result of futzing around. So there's a lot of reasons I want to do another plot-based run, really, so long as it isn't as compulsively wordy and screenshot-stuffed* as the Syaoran run. (/TL;DR)
*This wasn't an issue in and of itself, but it took a while to upload all the screenshots to LJ, and then the writing to accompany them took forever. That was an accident of thinking I wrote much more early-run than I actually did, admittedly, but I think I hit a good balance with the final part of the run, in which I only wrote it up if I wanted to do so or it was extremely relevant to the plot, and I'll try to stick to that this time.

I've realized to my irritation that I won't get Sandslash OR Persian, since I'm doing Red... but I don't think I'll need Slashspam cheese to get through this. After all, I will be slightly benefiting from all the Pokemon eliminated by the pre-run Dupes Clause, in that several common 'Derps' get taken out by those rules (yay for endgame Fearow and Raticate!)... even if I'll also get severely disadvantaged by the removal of certain of those (Dugtrio, Lapras, GYARADOS).

Ah, well. It wouldn't be called a Nuzlocke CHALLENGE if it wasn't hard, eh?

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Tags: challenge: nuzlocke, fandom: pokemon
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