guardians_song (guardians_song) wrote,

Oh, that's just hilarious.

I beat the Brock battle almost entirely with Leech Seed and Growl.

Literally. I had been an idiot and failed to learn any Special attacks before that, so I just dug in my heels and kept Growling my way through Geodude and Onix's attacks while Leech Seed filled the HP back up. I came in with 18/31 HP or something from the Jr. Trainer battle. I had full HP at the end of the battle. No Potions used.

If I didn't know that later-battle!damage outpaces Leech Seed, Growl or not, with ease, I'd say the move is gloriously broken.

However... the Venusaur line does learn SLEEP POWDER at a certain level... |D

(Growth, Leech Seed, and Sleep Powder would do wonders to get Venusaur past certain enemies. If only certain deadly Pokemon didn't carry super-likely crits (Alakazam, Slash!Charizard, etc.), I'd seriously consider tanking certain Pokemon that DO have supereffective STAB against Venusaur. I mean, I REGAINED HP in that battle. ...*sigh* Since I'm planning to use Razor Leaf, though, Growth isn't helpful. And one fizznucking supereffective STAB critical would render all that stat-boosting useless...)

Also, due to the Gen 1 critical quirk, Gen-1!Razor Leaf is 100% superior to Solarbeam - it's a guaranteed critical every use, which means it's a STAB attack with an effective power of 110 versus Solarbeam's every-other-turn 120. Wahahah, I had better keep this Bulbasaur alive. I WANT to introduce the E4 to the wonders of Leech Seed, Sleep Powder, and Razor Leaf.

Anyway, on to Mt. Moon!

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Tags: challenge: nuzlocke, fandom: pokemon
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