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Pokemon Red Nuzlocke: ''Erlkönig'', Pt. 1

Narration will be in plain text. Notes will be in italics.

Pokemon Red_01Pokemon Red_12
...It's the old man again.

It seems he comes and talks to me every day. I don't know why.

...Has he said this before? I don't remember.

Pokemon Red_13Pokemon Red_27
...I know my own name. I swear I've told him this before, too. Why would he ask me again?

Note: "Munnin" is the Old Norse word for "memory", and is best-known as the name for one of Odin's ravens.

<insincerity> This won't be Ironic Theme Naming or anything. No sirree. </insincerity>

Pokemon Red_28
He smiles at me with insincere enthusiasm.

I'm reminded of people congratulating lab animals for performing simple -


Hastily, he distracts me.

Pokemon Red_36Pokemon Red_43
...Yes, I remember him.

I think.

...He's never friendly.

The old man tests whether I can remember this boy's name...

Pokemon Red_50Pokemon Red_51

...I don't catch all of what he says as he heads down the stairs. He's just a retreating silhouette...

Pokemon Red_57Pokemon Red_61Pokemon Red_62
Pokemon Red_63
...I'm left in front of the TV, staring blankly at the dead screen.

I'm in my room. It's supposed to be my room, anyway.

...Supposedly, I've been here all my life, yet the surroundings are unfamiliar.

Pokemon Red_69
Outside, there's a bustling little town. It is generic as all surroundings are.

None of the landmarks mean anything to me, none of the buildings are familiar without my reading the signs posted outside them. It's my hometown, everyone tells me. Of course everyone knows all there is to know about their hometown.


Pokemon Red_75
...I'm supposed to take... 'anxiety' medications, were they called?

I can't understand why. I never feel anxious.

I never feel anything.

Pokemon Red_81
This woman, they tell me, is my mother. ...Shouldn't that mean something to me?

Pokemon Red_91
I leave without so much as acknowledging her.

Pokemon Red_92
...Was I supposed to go somewhere today?

I don't know. I... don't think I've ever been this way before, however.

At least it will be something new.

Pokemon Red_98
The old man's voice rings out...

Pokemon Red_103
Pokemon Red_107
He runs up to me, so panting and white-faced that at first he's speechless.

Pokemon Red_110Pokemon Red_119
...I stare at him blankly, uncomprehending. What do I have to fear from wild Pokemon?

Pokemon Red_120Pokemon Red_126
My own Pokemon?


I don't...
Pokemon Red_132
My throat constricting, I let him do as he wants...
Pokemon Red_137Pokemon Red_145

Pokemon Red_146
The next I know, I'm standing in front of him at his lab.
Pokemon Red_151
The boy next to me clears his throat irritably.

Pokemon Red_152Pokemon Red_159
Pokemon Red_165Pokemon Red_170Pokemon Red_178

"What took you so long?" the boy protests. "You were about to show me something, and then somebody called from outside and you just bolted off like a Rattata with its tail on fire!"

"Muninn wandered into the tall grass," the old man says, wandering over and tapping the strange devices on the far table. "I had to -"

"That spaz screwed up again?" the boy demands. "Why does everyone here act like his nanny? If I acted like that, I'd -"

"Huginn! Hush!" the old man snaps, whirling around and pointing a finger at him. "I don't know how many times I'll have to tell you, you are to treat Muninn with kindness and respect! I know how hard it's been for you ever since your parents died, but you aren't the only one who's suffered!"

"Oh, I'm supposed to be the grown-up one! Unlike Weirdo here-"

I watch on in silence.

Pokemon Red_179
At last, the old man finishes arguing with the boy and turns back to me, forcing a smile.

Pokemon Red_184Pokemon Red_193
I look around blankly, and he bursts into involuntary laughter.

Pokemon Red_194
Guilt crossing his face, he fakes the friendly smile again, and moves on:

Pokemon Red_206Pokemon Red_209Pokemon Red_214Pokemon Red_220
The boy's face turns red, and he bursts out indignantly:

Pokemon Red_227Pokemon Red_236
Pokemon Red_242Pokemon Red_249

The game will return after these messages...
Pokemon Red_250
...There we go.

Pokemon Red_256Pokemon Red_268
...I stand in front of the table, holding the Ball in my hand.

This one... speaks to me.

Pokemon Red_269Pokemon Red_279
I nod.

Pokemon Red_280Pokemon Red_295
Pokemon Red_300 says...
From the Old Norse Víðarr, which is possibly derived from víðr "forest" and arr "warrior".

Not plotwise-significant, but still an appropriate name, eh?

Pokemon Red_301Pokemon Red_312

...I leave, indifferent to his actions, but he calls after me, "Hey, Muninn!"
Pokemon Red_313Pokemon Red_323
Pokemon Red_324Pokemon Red_331
No, you just didn't have a spare Potion. >_>
Pokemon Red_338Pokemon Red_346
Frustrated, he stomps out.

I leave as well.

On my way through the tall grass, I bump into a man who claims to be from a local store.
Pokemon Red_347Pokemon Red_359
I take his gift blankly and move on.

...Next is a place that a sign claims is Viridian City.



...I've been he-

Pokemon Red_360
I ducked inside the store the man told me about for shelter. The owner told me that I was to take a package to the old man.

I don't care. I just... I don't... Don't want to be here...

Pokemon Red_365Pokemon Red_372Pokemon Red_379
He smiles encouragingly, but I volunteer nothing more.


I hold out the parcel.

Pokemon Red_388Pokemon Red_394

Suddenly, the boy's voice rings out...

Pokemon Red_402Pokemon Red_410
There is a discussion. Something about recording data on Pokemon.

...I don't care for labs, I've never liked them, enough of experiments -

Pokemon Red_411
I turn to beat a hasty retreat, but the boy starts up with his blathering again.

Pokemon Red_419Pokemon Red_424Pokemon Red_429Pokemon Red_436
"This is a collaborative project -" the old man begins, but the boy ignores him.

Pokemon Red_441Pokemon Red_448
"I'll tell her not-"
Pokemon Red_460
Pokemon Red_466Pokemon Red_483Pokemon Red_487
He stomps off, hostile as always...

I pass by the house that is apparently his on my way out of Pallet.
Pokemon Red_488Pokemon Red_493Pokemon Red_502
She smiles at me with her utmost sweetness, but it falters when I give her none in return.

"Good - good luck," she mumbles. I say nothing.

Pokemon Red_504Pokemon Red_527Pokemon Red_528
...This woman is always telling me that I need more rest and relaxation.

I don't know why.

Pokemon Red_534
Ducking into the Mart again, I buy PokeBalls so that I can defend myself. I... don't feel Vidar will be enough.

Pokemon Red_540
I don't... I've seen before...

Make it go away just make it go 
Pokemon Red_545
Vidar follows my commands; it has been loyally knocking out any Pokemon we see, and has grown stronger than its initial state. Still... now I feel the need to catch another.

But not a Rattata.

...not any I've seen before...

Pokemon Red_551Pokemon Red_560
A Pidgey suffices.

...I'll catch no more from this area. One at a time is enough.

Pokemon Red_565Pokemon Red_573
Pokemon Red_574
"According to
Fjölsvinnsmál, Víðópnir or Víðófnir (Old Norse, possibly "wide-open" or "wind-weaver") is a rooster that sits at the top of Mímameiðr, a tree often taken to be identical with the World Tree Yggdrasil. " - Wikipedia

The tradition of giving Pidgeys grandiose names continues!

Pokemon Red_579
To the west of... that city... I find a new Pokemon.

Pokemon Red_584Pokemon Red_595
Pokemon Red_599
"I am Lord Herne!" it announces proudly. "Current head of the Route 22 Red Clan -"

It falters when it receives no response.

"He's always like this," Vidar says to the new Pokemon. "It's nothing against you."

Pokemon Red_600Pokemon Red_607Pokemon Red_608
And north, we find...
Pokemon Red_613Pokemon Red_619
Pokemon Red_624
Bee - [Old English bīo; related to Old Norse bȳ, Old High German bīa, Dutch bij, Swedish bi]
The Free Dictionary

...I go forth and train my Pokemon, so that we shall not be easily defeated by enemies.

...The sooner I leave this city, the better...

Pokemon Red_625Pokemon Red_630
Pokemon Red_640Pokemon Red_639Pokemon Red_636Pokemon Red_637
Pokemon Red_641

Pokemon Red_647Pokemon Red_654
In my training, I stumble across the boy...
Pokemon Red_655Pokemon Red_660
Pokemon Red_670Pokemon Red_680
...Badges. That's right. Badges are a sign of power. I...
Pokemon Red_688Pokemon Red_689Pokemon Red_699
...Yes. And if he wants to see, I'll show him.

Pokemon Red_700
Blinded by sand, his Charmander can barely land a hit upon Vidofnir. It is dispatched by inches, never seeing the claw that strikes.

Pokemon Red_706Pokemon Red_713
...That was strategy. Not that I expect the boy to understand that.

Pokemon Red_721Pokemon Red_722Pokemon Red_732Pokemon Red_739
He seems to expect a response. ...I don't know why. I've never given him one.

In disgust, he throws up his hands and announces, "I've got to quit-"
Pokemon Red_745
Pokemon Red_746

...That's right. The one who holds all the Badges fears no man, and all Pokemon bow before him...


...I'll earn all the Badges. I'll become the best. I'll crush those who stand in my way. That's right. That's what I'm supposed to do. That's my purpose. I remember now. I don't remember why, but -

Being the best. That's the only thing that's important. That's the only thing that was ever important. Being the mightiest Trainer...

Pokemon Red_753
"Bit... uh... intense, isn't he?" Vidofnir asks.

Vidar flexes its bulb as a form of shrugging. "Seems just to be the way he is. I don't argue. I just follow his orders. It hasn't failed so far."

"All this silence is insolent," Lord Herne mutters, rubbing his horn against the ground. "I've become more skilled in battle, and does he ever acknowledge it? I am made of better stuff than this..."

"I mean... I swear even that other kid talked more than..."

"Just follow his orders," Vidar says. "I've got a feeling about him. I think we'll do well if we stick with him."

Pokemon Red_759
...Who dropped this here? I take it without complaint.

Pokemon Red_764
...I don't use Pokemon I've had before. Surely there must be more in this area...

Pokemon Red_768
I half-wonder how he thinks anything could scare the bugs away here.

Pokemon Red_773Pokemon Red_781
Pokemon Red_786Pokemon Red_787Pokemon Red_788Pokemon Red_789Pokemon Red_790

Pokemon Red_791 no not again get it away

Lord Herne beats back the hordes of bugs with ease, and we venture through the forest -

Pokemon Red_796
Hm? That's a new one - It will be my catch. I throw the Ball -

Pokemon Red_801Pokemon Red_806
Vidofnir retreats, squawking furiously. Lord Herne enters the fray -

Pokemon Red_811Pokemon Red_818
It holds still this time.

Pokemon Red_819Pokemon Red_828
Pokemon Red_829
From Yahoo Answers (stop laughing):
"Þrymja is one word for thunder. It literally means rave, so it's describing the sound of thunder.
Þórr means thunder. It's also the old Norse spelling for Thor.
Þórdyn Thor + dyn which is yet another word with the same meaning as Þrymja. In this case Þór describes Thor, so it's something like Thor's rave -> Thunder."
I THINK this is to be spelled "Thordain" because it was a Dragon Warrior III spell, and I suspect that it was named exactly this. How freaking hardcore, I was using something called Thor's Rave all the time as a kid and never knew it.

Pokemon Red_835

Pokemon Red_836
Pokemon Red_840Pokemon Red_848
...His Pokemon is dispatched with ease.

Pokemon Red_849Pokemon Red_857Pokemon Red_858
...There is a Gym ahead. I train diligently.

I will not lose.

Pokemon Red_864Pokemon Red_869Pokemon Red_872Pokemon Red_874
The enemy is powerless before Vidar's Leech Seed. Even as it thrashes and flails futilely, the implanted seed drains the life from it bit by bit...

Pokemon Red_877Pokemon Red_885
Pokemon Red_886Pokemon Red_890Pokemon Red_895Pokemon Red_898
For all the enemy's might, Vidar outlasts it with ease, growing ever stronger as the great beasts of rock and soil batter against it in vain.

Pokemon Red_907
Pokemon Red_908
He bows his head. "I... was wrong. Take the Boulderbadge."

Pokemon Red_912Pokemon Red_916Pokemon Red_926
...I may use it. I do not know.

Pokemon Red_927
...I catch sight of myself in a shop window. The face in the mirror is indifferent, and the garb unfamiliar.

...For a while, I watch the children and their parents mill in and out of the nearby museum, and ask myself what essential quality they have that I lack. I... swear that I was like them, once. Or is their normalcy just so overwhelming that I cannot imagine always being any other way?

I leave rather than continue to speculate. There are seven more badges. They will not earn themselves.

Pokemon Red_930

Pokemon Red_936Pokemon Red_942Pokemon Red_946
Thordain dispatches the fliers amongst the route with ease.

Pokemon Red_950Pokemon Red_959
Obligatory LP screenshot!
Pokemon Red_960Pokemon Red_961Pokemon Red_962
Pokemon Red_965

Pokemon Red_970
With an effort, it defeats even a Pokemon one and a half times its level. Its powers are not to be underestimated.

Pokemon Red_976
...A fight against a Jigglypuff of similar level does not go as well, though Vidar's Leech Seed, combined with by's Poison, leads us to victory.

Bleeping sleep moves...

Pokemon Red_981

...It's... it's nothing... 've... seen them before, but... means nothing...

...If I can't remember anything, why must I remember this-

Pokemon Red_986

This one I haven't seen before...

Pokemon Red_991Pokemon Red_995
Thordain's skills include capture as well as incapacitation.

Pokemon Red_999Pokemon Red_1010
NOTE: I meant to call this "Skald" or something, but I hit the Start button by mistake. If it's still in the party, that will be changed come Lavender Town.

Pokemon Red_1011
"Welcome to the team," Vidar announces. "Don't mind our Trainer, he's just that way..."

Pokemon Red_1018

I leave "by" behind. Its power will not be enough to carry us to the end of the Gyms.

Pokemon Red_1019Pokemon Red_1028Pokemon Red_1033
"****ing ****er seized me out of the air and stuffed me in his bag!" Nott squawks, poking its head and one rumbled wing out of the backpack.

"He's like that..." Vanir sighs.
Pokemon Red_1034Pokemon Red_1045

Pokemon Red_1046
I ignore his warning and go onwards. Many Trainers are dispatched with ease, but...

Pokemon Red_1051Pokemon Red_1060
...There is one Trainer, wearing a black-and-red uniform, who gives me trouble...


I'm alive. That's all that matters. And my Pokemon remain alive as well.

...Is this blood on my jeans? I must have skinned my knee...

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