guardians_song (guardians_song) wrote,

In the interests of full disclosure, I HAVE reset once.

*sourly* The last few times I took on That Damned Raticate, I was carting either very high-Defense creatures or Rock-types.

...I forgot what its effects were on unevolved Pokemon of the same level. Especially since, this time, I wasn't grinding.

Anyway, AFTER reset, I introduced it to Lord Herne the freshly evolved L16 Nidoking, which proceeded to introduce it to how much fun it was to confront an overpowered adversary in close quarters. I DID beat it the first time, so I didn't LOSE the Nuzlocke, per se, but... I did not consider it fun to face the prospect of clearing Mt. Moon with a Beedrill and a Jigglypuff.

(Wigglytuff has base 45 speed, in case you're contemplating putting Abra to Sleep with it. Ah ha. No.)

Besides, I... did consider it a bit of Bullshit Clause, since I think I could have beaten Super Nerd with that team. (I beat Super Nerd without the use of Lord Herne after beating that Rocket - just Vidar and JIGGLYPUFF.) And I used incredibly stupid switch-constantly tactics against it, since I was trying to have no deaths... I could have made it with only a few deaths if I had just stayed in against it, I think. Thunder Wave, then Sand Attack, and then Leech Seed if I could manage it, and then wail away with L15 Lord Herne. ...Eh, I didn't take a savestate, so I'll never know.

So this isn't a true Nuzlocke, I suppose. Look, I AM able to take deaths, as I've shown in other Red runs, but that was just... eesh.

I'll take care to NOT assume Pokemon that were easy in one run will still be that way in another from this point on. And any deaths WILL be kept.


Back to your regularly scheduled programming.
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Tags: challenge: nuzlocke, fandom: pokemon
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