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Also, some brave soul has done a "The Room" novelization.

Right here. Note that it's rather deadpan. Sample line: Mark, not being a medical doctor, had no way of knowing if a gunshot wound to the head was fatal.

Also, I admit that I'm getting a bit tired of Gen I games, and that all those beautiful Gen III screenshots are tempting me... :P Meh. Tell you what, if I get bored with Red, I WILL move on to Ruby and see if I can FINALLY beat that game. (It is, after all, the CLASSIC Nuzlocke Experience!) ...I'll probably choose Torchic so that, when I do Emerald, I can grab Mudkip. I LIEK MUDKIPZ, YES I DO.

...Eh, while I'm being honest, I might as well admit that I go through brief periods of great enthusiasm for something, then wear myself out and can barely stand the sight of it. ...It wasn't always that way, but the side effect of losing the batshit hyperactivity of my younger years was that I lost my hyperactive attention span along with it.

It will improve with time. I guess my energy level DOES drain in the fall and winter, even if I don't think to admit it - my brain's full of a dozen batshit ideas at any given time during the summer.

Okay, let me correct that. It isn't that I lack the attention span, when the spirit moves me, as the attention span exhausts me. I keep going and going on one thing until I crash, and then all my instincts remember is... the crash. That is incredibly irritating, and totally bass-ackwards of how addictive behavior SHOULD work - I mean, if all addictions acted like that, all would-be alcoholics would remember is the hangover! Which would put Alcoholics Anonymous out of business, admittedly...

Ah well. Sorry to babble on here. I suppose I should be making use of my ACTUAL diary. :P

(In all fairness, the description makes it fairly obvious that I deplete my dopamine reserves, serotonin reserves, and/or some-other-reward-chemical reserves. I suppose the solution is to engage in activities and eating patterns that increase serotonin and dopamine production so that the high keeps going without the crash... and to figure out HOW to keep the brain from registering the crash as the 'This is what this activity feels like' state when it was over the moon about the high just a bit earlier. :\ *shrug* ...Perhaps I'll have to just cut the activity off before the crash hits. Oh, boy, is THAT going to take self-discipline. *sigh* Not like there's much choice, though, is there?)

Let me recommend the music video (!) of The Erlking, which is... awesome. And also very creepy. There's also an English version.

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