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Randomized Blue Nuzlocke, continued.

Fire Blast from a Growlithe took off 35/50 HP when it hit AVENGER. Hm... :\

No deaths, but definitely a heart-stopping moment. :\

SS-Anne!Rival's Pokemon:
L19 Bulbasaur: OHKOed by BIO
L19 Ivysaur: OHKOed by FITZBLACK
L18 Arbok: OHKOed by AVENGER
L20 Weepinbell: OHKOed by BIO

Withdrew WAS the Weepinbell as an HM Slave.

Lt. Surge
, with his Bulbasaur, Slowpoke, and Weezing, was not exactly a strong adversary. For some reason, however, that Weezing kept using Thunderbolt. This would have been vastly more intimidating if AVENGER wasn't a Ground-type.

A bloody Abra left HORSEMAN with one HP as I got near Rock Tunnel. Fortunately, not too many more painful incidents of this sort occurred (except FITZBLACK being left at 22 HP and knocking himself down to 11 HP with a OHKO Take Down).

Rock Tunnel patch of grass: JOY the Chansey.
Rock Tunnel itself: RAGE the Primeape.
Earlier patch of grass: CLARITY the Seadra.

STATUS was authorized to take care of Rock Tunnel derps. At around L27, he was paralyzed by a Trainer's Oddish, so I swapped off to someone else, namely FITZBLACK.

Unfortunately, FODDER died at full health to a L22 Voltorb's Explosion. *sigh* Goodbye, friend. You'll be missed, you surprsingly-powerful mutant PokeBall. Living up to your name, you died to shield stronger Pokemon from death.

AVENGER survived with 29 HP and saved the day, but still, WTF?

I got through the Tunnel with my Pokemon heavily drained, having to use a Potion on HORSEMAN to save the day.

HORSEMAN L27: 22/79
AVENGER L24: 29/67
FITZBLACK L23: 17/61
STATUS L27 PAR: 52/75
BIO L26: 20/77

I need an Electric-type, I need an Electric-type...

...Huh. And the very first encounter I get west of Lavender is a Raichu. This randomizer has a sense of humor.

I use up all my PokeBalls trying to catch it, but fortunately I just bought some Great Balls from Lavender. *trollface*
3 PokeBalls and 2 Great Balls later, I have caught my Raichu.

West of Lavender: SURGEGUARD the L20 Raichu, which carries -


Jeez, these Electric-types are volatile. I have to beware if I see one.

Explosion/Thunder/Thundershock are its moves. As it's the lowest-level of my team, it goes in front to beef them up. :S 

Around now, I discover that SURGEGUARD has 27 Def. o_o So THAT'S the dump stat of the Pikachu line.

FITZBLACK loses Barrage to gain Night Shade. AVENGER loses Skull Bash to get Earthquake.

Danger levels of Pokemon have begun to increase. I just fought a Nidoqueen. Thank heavens it kept trying to fire off Fissure rather than anything of higher power...

And I just fought a Squirtle with Earthquake and Hydro Pump. What, did I take a wrong turn and wind up in Smogon's Little Cup? (That nearly brought an inglorious end to SURGEGUARD's brief career, leaving it with 18/62 HP on a NON-critical hit. Fortunately, BIO brought that beastie down. Don't ask why I didn't use HORSEMAN. I forgot.)

...Instead, SURGEGUARD died to a critical Hyper Beam from a Staryu. Oh gad, maybe I'm just not meant to have an Electric-type in this team.

East of Celadon Route: First encounter, a L17 Horsea, was disqualified by Dupes Clause. Second one...was a L19 Electrode, ALSO disqualified by Dupes Clause. Third was a L18 Magmar, which I named YOUAREN[ever]U[sed]. It only had Flamethrower, so it was boxed.
Coin Prizes: Beedrill 120/Chansey 750/Krabby 1200/Slowpoke 2500/Lapras 4600/Golem 6500

Dang it all, Psychojoe got a Graveler for 120. Some people have all the luck. :P
Celadon City: "Eevee" was a Clefairy. Named it CLEFFON. It carries Spike Cannon, Rage, Stomp, and Constrict.

The Electric-type thing is a problem because HORSEMAN then is obliged to fight Water-types to prevent random Hydro Pumps from causing major issues, which means that HORSEMAN becomes overleveled.

Wigglypuffs carry Self-Destruct, I just learned. Took off 51/72 of AVENGER's HP.

Erika carried THRASH!Clefable, Chansey, and Kingler.
I'd like you to remember that Thrash is Normal in Gen 1. So Clefable gets STAB on it.
Due to my stupid lack of Super Potions, I frantically switched my way through the Thrash duration and KOed with AVENGER.
AVENGER also disposed of Chansey in one Earthquake, and STATUS Spored Kingler and downed it.

FITZBLACK L25: 20/67
HORSEMAN L30: 36/88
BIO L27: 10/80
AVENGER L27:  52/75
STATUS L29: 81/81
WAS L10: [Cut Jockey, unused]

Holy crud, Erika was almost as tough as Rock Tunnel. I need to remember Super Potions in the future. *runs to Celadon Mart*

HORSEMAN gave up Doubleslap for Smokescreen. Bleh...

Giovanni used Onix, Growlithe, and Golem. This is not helping what I said about HORSEMAN getting overleveled.

Pokemon Tower!Rival's Pokemon:
Weepinbell L25: 2HKOed by FITZBLACK.
Clefairy L23: OHKOed by AVENGER.
Venusaur L22: OHKOed by BIO.
Sandslash L20: 2HKOed by BIO.
Staryu L25: 2HKOed by HORSEMAN.

Pokemon Tower catch: L20 Dragonite. Named it NINIS. Its moves are Peck, Drill Peck, Wrap, and Bonemerang. ...Well, I don't think it will be a permanent party member with such redundancy, but it will make a heck of a substitute for BIO if the poor bird ever meets its end. For heck's sake, its Attack is 59 to BIO's 49, and NINIS is 10 levels lower!

Note to self: Vileplumes carry Bubblebeam. Show caution accordingly.

Pokemon Tower was an easy dungeon. Off to wake Snorlax.

Got Fly for BIO, deleted Peck at long last.

Cycling Road Snorlax: Was a L30 Omanyte. OMAGAWSH was sent to the PC. A check revealed that its moves were Bubblebeam and Rock Slide.

BIO deleted Sky Attack for Bite.

Cycling Road Catch: L20 ALAKAZAM. Mercifully, it didn't outspeed STATUS.

Our new friend, CRITDEMON, carries Psywave, Confusion, Barrier, and Thunder Wave. And, since I forgot to randomize TMs, it can learn Psychic from Mr. Psychic's TM.

Bwahahaha. If I can keep it alive, I don't think I'll NEED to get an Electric type... Sixth team member get!

With that, I'm quitting for tonight. Things are definitely looking up for my team. :)

Current Party: HORSEMAN L34 Wartortle, BIO L31 Pidgeotto, FITZBLACK L30 Charmeleon, AVENGER L31 Marowak, STATUS L30 Nidorino, CRITDEMON L20 Alakazam
Deaths: ROMHACK L5-13 Porygon, FODDER L3-L23 Voltorb, SURGEGUARD L20-24 Raichu
Commentary: ...*low moaning sound* That was NOT supposed to go that way.

I suppose the lesson here is that low-Defense Pokemon in a Randomlocke have to be sure to OHKO, lest the enemy send one back in return. I knew I might be sending FODDER to its death, but SURGEGUARD took me by surprise. I honestly meant to take it to the Elite Four.

At any rate... I need to take Gym Leaders more seriously. Surge was a laughingstock, but Erika could easily have wiped out a low-Defense lead.

STATUS is mercifully staying alive. I don't know if I have any Sleepers to replace him, and I'm relying on Sleep to catch all my Pokemon. I'm also using him to KO any Pokemon that pose a serious threat, but I don't know how long that 65 base Speed will hold him. I may be obligated to evolve him soon.

HORSEMAN, as my Water-killer, is leveling rapidly. I'm probably going to exploit the abundant Exp. in this segment of the game (since the game doesn't know if you're doing Koga or Sabrina first) to prevent the other Pokemon from becoming underleveled.

In light of the recent deaths, I have to note that OHHAI MARK the Magikarp will be my replacement Water type (please no) if HORSEMAN falls, and NINIS the Dragonite will be my replacement Flyer (D:) if BIO falls.

I thought I was doing pretty well, but I don't have any Fire, Ground, or Sleeper replacements. (Though, technically, I could replace AVENGER with an evolved STATUS + Dig TM.) This... could be bad. I'll have to see.

All Fighting-types are extremely dangerous, as I suspect the "Random (preferring same type)" setting for movesets makes Counter very likely to appear on any given moveset. Fighters either need to be KOed with Special moves or OHKOed flat out. Psychojoe lost several Pokemon to suddenly-appearing Counters, and I don't want to follow in his footsteps. Mercifully, no one's guaranteed to have Machokes, but still...

Whatever Rival's carrying in the Champion battle will be SIGNIFICANTLY more dangerous than the original, as the randomizer is likely to give him Pokemon of the same level with an almost certainly better moveset than Barrage/Hypnosis/Stomp Exeggcutor or Ember Arcanine. Or Instant Dead Enchanted (to use a Diablo II phrase) Rhydon. :S Or Whirlwind Pidgeot. So essentially he goes from having three laughingstocks and three aces at best (Gyarados included, if Charmander is not picked) to six deadly Pokemon. Hm. This is going to be fun...

Not that I should count my chickens, since I only have four badges. See you next update!

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