guardians_song (guardians_song) wrote,

Just ended a Nuzlocke in a fucking epic manner,

 Ran right down to the wire. Last PP of a damaging move on the last living Pokemon . 

Totally fucking epic.

And to think, it's because I flubbed the end of the prior battle and forgot to turn off the instant-battle code. >_>

I defeated the strongest Trainer in the entire game TWICE. Consecutively. Without healing between battles. After defeating the Elite Four and Champion, and using only Max Potions to heal up between the fights. And I did it with a party where all the Pokemon were level 45 or below at the start of the sprint, save my ace which was level 48. By the end, I don't think I had anything over level 50.

PROF. OAK's Pokemon are level 70.

And I defeated him twice.

I'm happy with this ending.
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Tags: challenge: nuzlocke, fandom: pokemon
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