guardians_song (guardians_song) wrote,

Catching up on old Nuzlockes.

My Randomized Silver Nuzlocke has been updated, as well as my Mono-Poison Red Nuzlocke (this one with a story attached!).

I actually have screenshots up to Rock Tunnel for the Mono-Poison Nuzlocke, but I've been feeling unmotivated. ...I have a nasty tendency to get wary of my own stories after some point. Can't keep characterizations straight, start to dislike the plot, et cetera.

(On the bright side, a reader said that it was a great run but that they couldn't keep track of all the different speakers. At least that's easily fixed with a guide to the colors.)

...Also, I have 160+ screenshots to post, which translates to 3.2 updates. And I'm lazy.

I've told myself that I'm not getting a GBA emulator until I complete these two runs, so I'm going to complete them in the end.

Hope you're all doing well.

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Tags: challenge: nuzlocke, fandom: pokemon
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