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(Tentative) Rocketlocke Rules

1. A Rocket's gotta get in and out. You can only dawdle around enough to catch the first you see in an area, then skedaddle.
2. Ya gotta know who your subordinates are! Nickname all Pokemon.
3. It's a hard-knock life! Any Pokemon that faints is dead to ya.
4. Ya gotta hold up yer Rocket pride! Only the following evolutionary lines may be used:
RB (FR/LG): Sandshrew, Rattata, Zubat, Ekans, Machop, Drowsee, Grimer, Koffing, Cubone
Y: Meowth may also be used.
GSC (HG/SS): Venonat and Oddish now also permitted.
RS: Blend in with the locals! Poochyena now also permitted. Carvahna may be used in Sapphire and Numel may be used in Ruby.
E: Both Carvahna and Numel may be used. Baltoy and Wailmer now also permitted.
We of Team Rocket have no plans of obtaining a DS emulator at this time.

(OPTIONAL) CAREER OF EVIL: Due to their natural affinity for your line of work, Dark-types may always be used. Pre-evolutions not possessing the Dark subtype may be "used" under the condition that they never attack until evolution.

(OPTIONAL) PROMOTION CLAUSE: (RBY) Upon any defeat of Giovanni, he promotes you. The evolutionary lines he used in that battle are unlocked.
First Battle: Onix and Rhyhorn unlocked. Kangashkan unlocked for RB ONLY.
Second Battle: Nidoran lines unlocked.
Gym Leader Battle: Diglett line unlocked.
(GSC) Upon battle of the Rocket Executives carrying Dark-types, those lines are unlocked.

(OPTIONAL) RARE POKEMON CLAUSE: (RBY) On the vanishingly small chance that Clefairy is the first Mt. Moon encounter, it may be caught. The Boss would be proud of ya, ya sly dog. Similarly, the Fossils may be pilfered.
We don't care about any others, as we ain't huntin' them, doofus.
(GSC) Slowpoke line may be used. We heard trainin' speeds the regrowth of tails, see. Gyarados line may be used, but only from the Lake of Rage. [Alternatively: ONLY the Red Gyarados may be used.]
(RSE) First Pokemon seen in the Aqua Base and first Pokemon seen in the Magma Base may be caught and used, regardless of species.
-I hope you like Electrode.

(OPTIONAL) GAME CORNER CLAUSE: (RBY) You may purchase and use one (1) Pokemon from the Game Corner, regardless of species. However, you are forbidden to play the slots, since (as a member of Team Rocket) you know how they work already. You may only BUY tokens and bum them off of people around the Game Corner.
That Dratini costs $56000-$92000. Still interested?
(GSC) You may purchase and use one (1) Pokemon from a Game Corner, regardless of species. However, the price of having such a rare Pokemon in your possession is that your superiors will be monitoring its use closely. Its death means the failure of the run.
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