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In all seriousness, though, I think Nuzlockes help keep my brain stimulated.

They're dumb, structured activities based around relatively simple graphics that keep my brain working. Logic puzzles... just seem more mind-numbing than mind-activating, sad to say. Dunno why. :\

Wrote a bunch of silly Legend of Dragoon AU character-studies. They were something to do while I was running experiments in SAGE. Actually weren't that silly, since they were introspective angst with various characters stuffed into the role of the Black Monster (Shirley, Belzac, and a forcibly-humanized Michael), but the premises were just WTF. (If I ever posted them on AO3 or whatever, I'd have to fill them out with Zieg, Damia, and Syuveil also navel-gazing. Kanzas would enjoy the job too much, it would be redundant.)

Hm... Legend of Dragoon really has a lot of moving parts, doesn't it? It's hard to see, because the plot is wired so that it all seems to jangle along together, but there's many things that could be switched around while leaving the overall structure intact. Pity the damn thing essentially has no fandom, because it's a horribly underappreciated game. Horribly-translated too, which probably doesn't help, but horribly underappreciated.

If I ever get famous in anything resembling a creative capacity, remind me to obnoxiously advertise it on my homepage. That and Magi-Nation.

<would have posted this earlier, but had to take a nap; more on this in a moment>
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