guardians_song (guardians_song) wrote,

So I'm finally playing Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon.

Tumblr is useful for encouraging me to do something.

Anyway, it's fun enough once you stop expecting it to have features it simply doesn't have. Anyone want to date Abel the Overleveled Cavalier? Good prospects for promotion!

More seriously, it's fun enough. Nobody has personalities, but some of them do have good stats. :P (Also, I'm playing the easy difficulty, so I'm using the occasional terrible unit with no regrets. It's nice to play an FE without stats on your mind.)

Lena is awesome, Barst is awesome, Caeda is awesome, Merric and Julian are... eeeeeehhhh, Marth is... Eliwoodish, Knights are always good, and Abel is Highly Able. *dodges rotten tomatoes*

Actually, it's good that they have no personalities. I've been craving Dragon Warrior III, and went to the point of downloading the ROM, but this nicely satisfies my gaming-with-units-with-faces-but-no-brains-to-speak-of needs. :P

(I wish the units had more personality, though. Caeda/Marth or Caeda/Roger would be nice.
I also wish I had some talent at filling FE Kink prompts. So much potential, but... gah, writing's too hard...)

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