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Was feeling moody earlier, but felt better after playing the Pokemon: Team Rocket Edition hack up to the end of the first Gym.
(Warning: it's a hard hack. A VERY hard hack. I did myself no favors by accidentally starting the Gym before the route I was supposed to grind on, but still - GAH. Grinding is a must. ...With once-per-Gym Bullshit Clause, I did manage to survive it, though. But ONLY because I thought ahead this time and chose Ekans for the broken Wrap + Poison combo.)

Note: I can see why Fire Red hacks are more popular. Gen 1 hacks allow you to grind by holding down Turbo and going at x10 speed. FIRE RED hacks, however, give you the Versus Seeker. The Versus Seeker allows you to actually refight TRAINERS, which give out tons more Exp. than wild grunts.

...Probably amounts to the same grinding speed, but Gen 3 also has better graphics and such...

Still say it's unbalanced, though. I understand that it's good to have a hard hack and all, but there really should have been more opportunity to grind in the volcano area.
Anyway, I've also had the chance to play further in Etrian Odyssey Untold.

Must say, I like how they included the Gladsheim plot. Since everyone already knows the twist at the end of EO1 (of which this is a remake), it makes sense to just include it from the beginning. :P I also like the addition of characters with personality in Story Mode. Simon is pretty blah, but the others are lively enough.
(The lack of a spammable Party Guard is... very noticeable after EO4's "Spam and Heal" strategy. Fortunately, Front Guard is a decent substitute if the enemy doesn't specifically have attacks that hit the back line. And Light Formula is exploitable. [Once killed a Rare-Breed Giant Moa solely by having Arthur spam Light Formula after I inadvertently got the rest of the party killed off. He is now two levels ahead of the rest of the party in perpetuity. >_>])
(I gave Frederica the pseudo-Hexer Grimoire and the Highlander the pseudo-Ronin Grimoire. Rest of the party's Grimoires are geared towards boosting their Mine/Take/Chop levels, since I'm not about to waste valuable skill points on the farming techniques.)

I wiped a few times to Cerunnos, but beat him when I finally stopped trying to put Arthur in front for the Bloody Offense boost. (Yes, I put the flimsy Alchemist in the front against a physical-focused Stratum Boss. Don't ask. I'd only recently boosted the difficulty from Standard to Expert, and I was much too used to using Pain Formula against F.O.E.s.) Once I bound his arms, I eliminated the main source of danger to my Highlander, and so got to use the massively overpowered physical skills as I wished. He fell over relatively rapidly (compared to the attempts on which I wiped).

I'm working, too, but have been gaming more to stave off feelings of hormonal angst. (Which are reasonably light so far, mind. It's just that, as I get better-adjusted, the angst is more of the uncertain and lonely kind than the enraged, depressive kind... so even though the intensity's decreased (praise the heavens, hallelujah), the unfamiliarity is strange to handle. I'm adjusting, though! Will probably be accustomed to it by the time the next hormone-swing cycle rolls around.)

Hope you're all doing well!
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