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I Have No Brain And I Must Think

Le prix pour une année complète est la somme des prix de chaque volume - Frais de port non compris - Se renseigner auprès de la SMF
What even is that? "The price for one complete year is the sum of the price[s] for each volume - ???? not comprised - ???? of the SMF"?

*looks up on Google Translate*

The price for a full year is the sum of the price of each volume - Shipping not included - inquire at the SMF

Oh, "Frais de port" was an idiom for SHIPPING. :D ...I really need to work on my French. :\ At least I got the (really easy) opening sentence.

Actually, this French math site is really useful. It has French AND English versions of abstracts, so I can brush up on my French math vocabulary while I muddle around. :D Yaaay, today won't be totally wasted! Even if my brain is.
This entry is mirrored at Comment wherever you like. Just remind me to get off the internet and do my homework.
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