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(Tenative) Rivallocke Rules

1. Only Pokemon used by the Rival may be used.
2. First USEABLE Pokemon may be caught; in concession to the limited catch pool, the usual Monolocke rule of "three attempts allowed" is in play.
3. Any Pokemon that faints is unusable for the duration of the run.
4. OPTIONAL: the ROM must be hacked to give you the same starter as the Rival. If playing on a cartridge, just ignore this rule.

For RBG, this means you are limited to the Rattata, Pidgey, Abra, Magikarp, Exeggcute, Growlithe, Rhyhorn, and [Starter] evolutionary lines.

Places to catch:
Rattata: anywhere
Pidgey: anywhere
Abra: above Cerulean, Celadon Game Corner
Exeggcute: Safari Zone
Magikarp: Salesman, anywhere (via Old Rod)
Growlithe: East of Celadon, West of Lavender
Rhyhorn: Safari Zone

Commentary: in some sense, you are getting the best Pokemon lines in the game. In another sense, you're highly limited (especially early on) and may suffer difficulties.

An optional variant is to only use the teams the Rival uses, though with different movesets and levels (for reasons of practicality). If you forced yourself to use the SAME movesets, Squirtle starter would be best (so that Blizzard is permitted for Lance). Otherwise, I'd say that Bulbasaur starter is best so that Exeggcutor is forced out of the team in favor of Arcanine and Gyarados. Thunderbolt Gyarados is the ideal counter for the in-game Gyarados users.

This would be a relaxing variant, in my opinion. Growlithe is easy enough to catch if you permit yourself a few attempts. Rattata and Pidgey, well... you'll manage. Besides, Fire is not Der Best Type Evar, since Kadabra can handle those pesky Grassers, so you can afford to miss out on the dog.

The highest-stress part of the game would be leveling Magikarp and Abra. :D;; Hopefully THAT part wouldn't last for long. (Switch-grinding, switch-grinding...) I recommend Bulbasaur both to remove Exeggcutor (which already has Psychic covered by mandatory!Abra) and to make the first two Gyms easier. Actually, you're going to have to use some Pokemon for Surge too, so... Yeah, the Bulb wins. (You can Dig your way through the match, but I would not want to have to do that with Wartortle.)

(You only have to beat Surge before Giovanni and before Fly. I'd delay him until AFTER Lavender Town if you have a Squirtle starter. Good heavens, aieeeeeeeeee!)

Aside from that - hello, you have a Starter, you have the Abra line, you have a Gyarados, go forth and take on the world. This shouldn't be hard. :P
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Tags: challenge: nuzlocke, fandom: pokemon
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