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Not doing any fandom things today due to work.

However, ideas for my next runs:

-CAREER OF EVIL: A Pokemon Yellow Rocketlocke
Archer, after a life of poverty and resentment, snaps when the Professor's grandson takes the Eevee meant for him.
Fortunately, the plague-carrier that took its place has no objection to a life of crime.

--CAREER OF EVIL II: A Pokemon Gold Rocketlocke
After Archer's catastrophic defeat at the hands of Red, Team Rocket was driven underground, splitting into two factions: the militaristic True Rockets, and the mercantile Fifth Column. Three years later, a promising child of a Fifth Column Executive embarks on a threefold quest: to bring down the True Rockets, to return the Fifth Column to Team Rocket's former glory, and take revenge on Red...
---CAREER OF EVIL III: A Pokemon Emerald Rocketlocke
With Ethan's reunification of Team Rocket, operations begin at last in Hoenn. The blossoming Kanto branch of Team Rocket sends May, one of their most promising agents, to infiltrate and sabotage both Team Aqua and Team Magma, leaving the region ripe for the pickings...
----CAREER OF EVIL IV: A Pokemon Platinum Rocketlocke
Lucas initially thinks his task will be simple. Infiltrate Team Galactic, monitor their activities, and send information (and whatever Pokemon he can embezzle) back to the True Rockets. But word soon comes from Johto that the Team has been reunified, and with it comes a new mission: bring down Team Galactic and, if possible, unseat Champion Cynthia, removing the greatest obstacle to Team Rocket's proper entry into the region...
-----CAREER OF EVIL V: A Pokemon White... Plasmalocke?
(somewhat of a parody)
Hilda's family was in the Rockets. However, SHE is an adamant worshipper of the legendary Lord N, who shall bring about peace, prosperity, and liberation for all Pokemon. Well, um... assuming Team Plasma is really obeying his orders... Ah! She'll defeat these FALSE Plasma members who dare ruin such a noble organization's good name, behave as a PROPER Plasma member should, and liberate Pokemon from their cruel masters, and THEN... maybe THEN, Lord N will notice her... oh, perfect Lord N...

Get out the restraining order, N, because you'll need one...

As far as she can recall, Tina is just another fledgling Trainer in Kanto, about to embark on her Pokemon journey.
But a persistent feeling of
wrongness haunts her. She swears nothing is as it should be. As the world begins to come apart at the seams, she heads for the League, determined to face off with her rival, Cy, and discover the truth...
-VOLCANO BAKETHIEF: A Vietnamese Crystal Thieflocke
Thievery for fun and profit in Gen II! Now with 100% more Engrish!
-DON'T TURN YOUR BACK: A Pokemon: Team Rocket Edition Thieflocke
It's time to determine the next head of Team Rocket! But the inhabitants of the Aster region show no mercy to criminals, and it will be a difficult task indeed to reach the top...
-POISONED HAVEN II: A Pokemon Silver Poison Monolocke
Three years after Cowbane became "League Champion", the rebel Venusaur's disciples set off to liberate another land from human domination...
-COATOL EMERALD: A Pokemon Emerald Limited-type Nuzlocke
(That is to say - due to plot reasons, Rock, Ground, Fire, Water, and Ice Pokemon are banned. This is Hoenn. There went half the regional Pokedex...)
Amnesiac, uncertain, and marked for death, Ray wakes up in a Hoenn terminally out of balance. Cults dedicated to Groudon and Kyogre control the land, and their extremist members have gone so far as to scheme to wake the beasts themselves. With the few Pokemon willing to help him, Ray sets out to find why everything wants to kill him, what's gone wrong with the world, and whether it can be fixed...

...As you can see, I have a lot of ideas, and no time in which to do them. *sweatdrop*

I'd estimate that Silver Randomlocke is 75% done (having just begun on Kanto - which is essentially a Gym Leader boss rush with woefully inadequate Trainers), Poisoned Haven is 50% done (ugh, plot), and STOP! THIEF! is 33% done (having cleared Rock Tunnel). So... basically, if I could just bear to risk the Kabutops, I could get through one long-overdue run straightaway and begin on finishing the others.

You can see my runs in the signature of my Nuzlocke Forums profile. As you can see, I have three going at once... (I'm a bloody genius! *FACEPALM*)
*sigh* Wish I had the self-discipline to just finish one up already. Anyway - work calls. Have a mini-talk to give in class tomorrow. Wish me luck... *trudges off to prepare my notes some more*
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