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Okay, so I've decided that it probably doesn't make sense to try to beat the Thieflocke first.

Fortunately, Poisoned Haven got moved to Other Adventures, so I'm not so keen to finish it. That frees me up to do another run... if I really want to do so.

Thank heavens, that means I could potentially do the Rocketlocke sometime in the next century.

Aside from that, Thieflocke is taking about 10 updates per game-section due to the sheer amount of Engrish. The terrifying thing is that it's gotten 4,600+ (non-unique) hits, so people are definitely reading through the trainwreck. (Fortunately, I was able to 'cheat' through the Celadon Gym via severe Twineedle abuse, so that didn't take longer than it had to.) That said... I'm probably not finishing it for some time due to the humor value. And Team Rocket members keep calling me "skunk". :psyduck:

I guess Silver Randomlocke is the only run that's getting finished any time soon. *sigh* I really don't want to risk Remoillent, but such is life. After Lance, I suppose anything is possible. Erika's reasonably weak, so I'll consider taking her out first. I'd prefer Janine, but it depends on how quickly I find my way to Fuchsia... At least the complete-crap Trainers make for good Exp. packets.

(Seriously, though - 449 images just for Erika and the opening of Rocket Hideout. *sigh* I know I took time off to catch several Pokemon, but that is a LOT. Was the Blue Nuzlocke this bad? My apologies, everyone. It only really hits home when you're limited to posting 50 images at a time.)

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Tags: challenge: nuzlocke, fandom: pokemon
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