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[August 25, 2014] Activity Report

What I did today: E-mailed a professor. Worked a bit on my research. Talked to people on Tumblr. Began exercising again. Doodled a fat lot. Picked back up a game I should have finished ages ago. Came up with dumb original-fiction plot ideas.
Things I really should have done: Reviewed French; reviewed Driver's Manual; continued Nuzlockes
Benefits I would have gotten from that: Knowing more French; knowing more Spanish, coming closer to actually driving; posting on the Nuzlocke Forums again
Reasons I didn't do that: too distracted by Tumblr, "really not feeling it" in general, took a long time to write the e-mail to the professor due to having to double-check some things, kind of out of it today
What I should have done: drank more caffeine, gotten the e-mail out of the way earlier, restricted Internet use

Chances of doing things tomorrow (August 26): Not high; will have to meet professor in morning. Tend to be tired afterwards.
Ideas: Restrict Tumblr to morning and between 6-9 PM to catch activity of certain east US friends. Focus on 'work' thinking. Haul laptop around with me. Write in my notebooks when not otherwise occupied. Work on creating translation-keys for my own benefit.

Brief comments on the above benefits:
Knowing more French
* in the long term = passing French exam my department mandates before I can graduate
knowing more Spanish
* I'M IN CALIFORNIA, do I even need to explain why it's good to know Spanish
coming closer to actually driving
* independence loometh!
posting on the Nuzlocke Forums again
* I like seeing the "Views" stat tick up on my topics :P

I have no idea how much of these virtuous ideas I'll actually follow, but I'm hoping to motivate myself to do more by posting my actual activities. HabitRPG tended to fall through due to suffering severe penalties if I simply forgot to be present for a day, I completely forget about checklists without outside motivation, and I reacted well to posting my exercise updates on Tumblr (until I came down withThe Not-Flu From Hell). I'm hoping it will work here too.
This entry is mirrored at Comment wherever you like. Just remind me to get off the internet and do my homework.
Tags: activity report, real life
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